Disciples Ink

About Us

Disciples Ink tattoo studio are many things, to many different people.

For our staff, it is a home. We are a family of artists who draw inspiration from each other and the positive mindset all our staff have. For our customers, it is a place where no matter where you come from, we are accepting. The studios are always filled with banter and jokes, and you're invited!

We have 3 different locations for you to choose from, for your convenience. Strand, Stellenbosch, and Durbanville. Every single one of our studios are custom tailored for the comfort of yourself and the brilliantness of your art piece. As a team at Disciples Ink, we mean when we say - we absolutely cannot wait to help you with all your tattoo needs.


Highest quality pigments being used which are legitimate for best quality.


We always ensure that our Health Practices are at best for your safety.


All our artists are very skilled and and deliver professional quality work only.



Founded On Quality And Safety

Disciples Ink Tattoo studios is a vibrant tattoo company based in Stellenbosch, Strand and Durbanville. When you walk in you are guaranteed to be greeted with a friendly smile and the utmost professionalism. Disciples Ink has a fresh and innovative way of looking at the tattoo industry and you will not leave disappointed. With an inviting atmosphere, you will soon feel part of the family and you will defiantly want to come back for more. Hand selected tattoo artist, you are spoiled for choice, but either way your tattoo will turn out better than expected as our artists are the cream of the crop, often adding their own personal flair to your masterpiece.

Strand has an open airy feel with an amazing feel of the ocean, right from where you sitting. On the other hand, the Stellenbosch studio is nestled in the busting city centre and if you are one who enjoys lively conversation be sure to check us out there. Durbanville is defiantly the more laid back of the three studios, but the guys are always in a creative mood. Whatever your preference you are sure to find what you are looking for at Disciples Ink. We believe that the tattoo industry is at a turning point in history where it is no longer only for bad boys and daredevils but for everyone. So do come and visit, we eagerly await your arrival.