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Tradition & Passion

At Disciples Ink Tattoo we pride ourselves on giving customers a professional and comfortable environment to get tattooed in to ensure that they are at ease. Using only the highest quality equipment and supplies. Our friendly team of nine, aim to give each and every customer an awesome experience and Tattoos they will LOVE! Our artists are not limited to any specific style, but try to cater to every style of tattooing, pushing our own boundaries every day. We want to share what we LIVE, LOVE and BREATHE with everyone we meet…..Tattoos!

Your Tattoos Your Art

Like any other art form, tattooing comes in many styles. Depending on your taste and reasons for getting tattooed, you should choose a tattoo style that best fits you.

Different Styles

Portraits, tribal, cover ups, celtic, writing, working with scar tissue, photo realism, old school, new school, family crests, horror, designing sleeves and socks.

Our Skilled Team

We are pro's in black and grey as well as full color. Each artist has a wide range of experience and styles, allowing them to help you design and create your tattoo.

Starting Your Journey

All Artists are fully trained with years of experience. Disciples Ink guarantees a lifelong addiction to our artwork, our artists are happy to guide you on your tattoo path.

Safety Health Environmental Compliance

Disciples Ink Tattoo Studios is registered and compliant with Western Cape Approval. All Disciples Ink Tattoo Artists and staff are fully trained in cross contamination procedures and is fully certified with Blood Born Pathogen Certification which is internationally recognized.
Disciples Ink Tattoo Studios only makes use of a fully government compliance medical waste company for safe and proper disposal.