Being a very creative and imaginative young mind, I always found myself expressing myself through some type of art form.I was definitely destined to be in the tattoo industry. For As long as I can remember I was either drawing on myself or family and friends.


With that being said I left my corporate career at the age of 30, to persue a carreer in tattooing. I had it in my heart to change the way people view the industry and tattoo community. There are far too many negative views on tattooing, and felt challenged to break that stigma. I did my apprenticeship under Malcolm “Mully” Hilton and jumped straight into the deep end, opening my first shop in 2008. I have never looked back!


I have so much love and respect for this industry, and I will never stop pushing and learning. I have a versatile style, and try not to limit myself to any particular style of tattoo. I never want to have to turn someone away because I couldn’t help them with a particular style. I have tattooed in the convention in 2014 and have been voted LW mag tattoo artist of the year.


With the support of my beautiful family and By the grace of God I have been able to accomplish much and experience an amazing life, and I can’t say I would trade it for anything.


Helderberg, Strand



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