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Disciples Ink has a special group of tattoo artists who strive to give you the best tattoo possible. Therefore were able to do every style of tattoo.

Some examples of tattoo styles we specialize in are traditional, old school, realism, new school, neo traditional, and water colour, geometric, Japanese, dot work and script.

Traditional is one of the oldest forms of westernised tattooing, simple in appearance but always beautifully executed by the Disciples Ink team.
Neo traditional is similar t but with a bit more detail and colour blending.

New school is also comprises of bold lines, bright colours and exaggerated caricatures, almost cartoon-like.
Water colour tattoos mimic an experimental artistic process, splashes and streaks of colour give the impression of paint on a canvas.

Jono is very good at realism. A tattoo that looks as it would in real life. It’s not easy but a fine art skill that he has mastered. His tattoos look like photographs on the skin and his portraits are breath-taking.
Geometric tattoos are intricate designs made of shapes, lines and symbols that use symmetry and repetition to create a design. Dot work tattoos often, but not always, accompany geometric tattoos.

Japanese tattooing is one of the most sacred tattoo styles. Imagery includes cherry blossoms, koi, lotus flowers, war dogs and geishas.
The Disciples Ink team are able to do all of these styles and look forward to tattooing you!

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