Around the age of 12 I found a passion for drawing and always loved art. By 16, I told my family I wanted to become a tattoo artist, but they did'nt see it as a viable career option, but I never gave up on my dream. I kept drawing, kept learning.


The day then came that I asked Jono if there was an apprentice spot open for me. . . But unfortunately it was not yet my time. I took the time to focus and hone in on my drawing and painting and figure out what styles I am strong in. A couple years went by, and I got a call from Jono, that if I was still interested the position was mine! YES!!!


I have started from the bottom and am still working my way up, drawing every day, loving old school tattoos and trying to learn as much as I can. Although I love old school and neo-traditional, I will not limit myself, and I am keen to develop my skills in colour and black and grey realism. I am grateful for having a shot in this fast-growing industry.


Blessed to do what I love.


Helderberg, Strand



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